Video Slots: Treasures of Kilauea

Slot Machine Review: Treasures of Kilauea

Kilauea is a shield volcano in Hawaii that has been erupting for about 300,000 years. It rose from the ocean floor about 100,000 years ago and is now a popular tourist destination and scary hotspot in Hawaii. Although volcanoes are an unstoppable destructive force of nature, Pearfiction Studios has just launched a slot game called Treasures of Kilauea that is themed around the Kilauea volcanic chain.

Treasures of Kilauea, a slot machine game from Microgaming, is a fun and feature-rich option. It has a high volatility and a return to player percentage of 96.35% over its 40 active paylines. The slot machine has a 5×4 grid with a horizontal reel on top, and after 10 spins the lava frames around the volcano symbols will turn wild.

The true rewards may be found in the Bonus Round, where you can take advantage of multiplier Wilds, additional random Wilds, and adjustable volatility. You may play Treasures of Kilauea, a slot machine developed by Microgaming, for free or real money at any online slot site that features Microgaming games.

Slot Machine Design, Layout, and Paytable for “Treasures of Kilauea”

The Treasures of Kilauea slot machine features a 5×4 grid with 20 fixed symbols. Everything is bright and vibrant, which is at odds with the volcanic reality. The slot machine is animated by Hawaiian totems and is filled with lava and burning rocks.

The highest payout is 1.20x for a full line of the purple totem. That’s a terrible payout for a premium product, but the slot machine has it covered. Don’t judge a book by its cover; Spin Counters and Lava Frames will take care of more generous rewards.

The slot machine has fantastic visuals and an engaging soundtrack. PearFiction Studio has worked extensively on this, and the resulting slot game is not only entertaining but very lucrative.

Play the Treasures of Kilauea Mobile Slot Today!

Using the HTML5 framework, we created The Treasures of Kilauea. Because of the nature of instant-play platforms, it may be accessed from virtually any mobile device and operating system, including Android casinos. You may play these slot machines right in your browser without even downloading an app.

Slot Machine Software: Treasures of Kilauea

You’ll need a ticket to enter the blazing volcano’s interior. The minimum fee for a spin is $0.10 and the maximum is $50, with $2 being the standard. The slot will display a warning if the wager is decreased below the threshold, since it is proportional to the number of spins and Lava Frames. Naturally, you get to choose which wager you make, so disregard that if you like.

The game’s core mechanics are simple to grasp. Wilds can substitute for other symbols in a winning combination and sometimes even award multipliers when they appear. When a Volcano symbol falls, it leaves a Lava Frame, which becomes a Wild after every tenth spin. In the upper left corner of the screen, you’ll see the Spins Counter.

There is an Eruption counter in the upper right corner. At the fiftieth rotation, they begin. Lava Frames’ backdrop volcano will soon begin erupting, showering the board with Wilds at random. These immediately become Wilds with a multiplier of x2, and the game resumes normally afterward.

Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus Round: Treasures of Kilauea

If you get three or more Scatters in a single spin, you’ll enter the Bonus Game. You may customize the game’s volatility, free spins, and Wild appearances before it begins.

Free games with 5, 7, or 10 wilds are awarded for 3, 2, or 1 scatter respectively.

Free games featuring 5, 7, or 10 wilds for 30, 20, and 10 scatters respectively.

Free games featuring 5, 7, or 10 wilds for 45, 30, or 15 scatters, respectively.

As you can see, the volatility varies from game to game, but you may still win a lot of free spins. Picking more Wilds results in less bonus spins. The same actions that first activated the Bonus Round will also reactivate it.

Don’t forget about the horizontal top reel we discussed before. There’s a golden center frame and five different jackpots to play for. The Jackpot Wheel is activated by the appearance of an idol symbol within the golden frame. You have one spin at a chance at the jackpots, with the Mega jackpot paying you 5,000 times your wager.

Slot Machine Treasures of Kilauea Return to Player, Maximum Payout, and Volatility

For such a high-variance slot machine, the RTP of 96.35% in Treasures of Kilauea is surprisingly high. The Mega jackpot can pay out as much as five thousand times the initial wager.

The Final Say on the Treasures of Kilauea Slot

Treasures of Kilauea is a thrilling online slot game that takes place in Hawaii, but rather than the beach, the action centers around a different kind of tourist attraction. Even though the Kilauea volcano’s molten lava won’t harm your flesh, it will add Wilds to your display, so it’s best to stay out of its way.

Every tourist going to Hawaii should play this slot machine because of its high payout rate and unique features. In case the volcanoes are active, it’s best to keep your distance.

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